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Alternatively, to reduce the need for mouse use, press Windows + I. The most user-friendly way to rotate a scene in Windows is, unsurprisingly, its in-built settings app. Unfortunately, many users accidentally hit this shortcut and end up with their screen upside down or sideways. Adding to this, some laptops have an auto-rotate feature that will kick in at inopportune times. Unless you have an extremely flexible neck, this isn’t a particularly fun way to use your PC. Please note that the above-mentioned settings may vary according to the graphics card installed on your system.

  • The settings menu rotates fine but as soon as you go back to Duo, it locks back into portrait mode.
  • If the OverDrive app isn’t working properly (titles aren’t loading properly, the app crashes, etc.), here are some troubleshooting steps that may help.
  • In the elevated command prompt and press Enter to see a complete list of available switches and options that you could use with the takeown commands below.
  • Perhaps it happened when you plugged in or detached an external monitor.

Races for Win32 handles that are not recycle-unique have been removed. New bug fixes in this release since 2.7.0 have not been applied to the version 1.x.x series. Return the current time plus an optional offset in a platform-aware way that is compatible with POSIX timed calls . Intended primarily to make it easier to write tests but may be useful for applications generally.

Please note that the –password-is-hex-key option is unrelated to all this. This flag bypasses the normal process of going from password to encryption string entirely, allowing the raw encryption key to be specified directly. This is useful for forensic purposes or for brute-force recovery of files with unknown passwords.

However, be sure to always download HTTrack from a trusted source (preferably, as some rogue freeware sites are “embedding” free software inside adware/spyware installers. In conclusion, we want to note that only you decide how to download the steam_api.dll for free. Run an application, extension, or other type of file. After the system performs a security check, the file will open and run on the computer.

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Microsoft Visual C++ is an integrated development environment by Microsoft that is designed for the C, C++, and C++/CLI programming languages. Once a standalone product, this proprietary software is now part of Visual Studio and is available in both freeware and trialware forms. It features tools for developing and debugging C++ code, and its packages are needed by several applications to function properly. This software comes with several C runtime libraries to allow users to create their code with any of them. Visual Studio is capable of opening DLL file and viewing and editing certain sections of it like textual resources, icons, messages, etc.Microsoft Disassembler.

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To rotate your screen in Windows is actually pretty easy, and can be done in just a few steps right from your Desktop. If your looking to rotate your laptop screen, or its just stuck sideways. Then here’s a quick and detailed guide about everything that you need to know on rotating your laptop screen. Other forum members explained that he could rotate the screen by pressing Cntl+Shift+circular arrow, which would rotate the screen 90 degrees. A person observes that your screen might have turned sideways because you have a problem with your graphics card if you’re certain that you haven’t pressed anything. In such cases, he recommends that you update your graphics cards drivers.

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You can download all the necessary DLL files from for absolutely free. The way I solved it was to include the NuGet reference to the package in my web project even though I’m not using it directly there. I had a similar issue today, and this is most certainly not the answer to your question. But I’d like to inform everyone, and possibly provide a spark of insight. While it is not advised, you can decompile and modify DLL files with various applications. Some options include Microsoft Visual Studio, JetBrains dotPeek, Redgate .NET Reflector, and Resource Hacker.

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