Our services include:

  • Design and Installation of Earthing and Lightning Protection Systems
  • Design and Installation of Surge Protection Systems
  • Full Consultancy Service (including Certification)
  • Soil Resistivity Analysis
  • Ground Potential Rise and Step and Touch Potential Analysis
  • Lightning Protection Risk Assessments
  • Maintenance Programs for Earthing and Lightning Protection Systems
  • Tests and Inspections of Existing Systems
  • Sales of Lightning Protection Products and Materials
  • Sales of Surge Protection Products


All earthing and lightning protection systems are designed in strict accordance with the relevant Codes of Practice. Pontins has a firm policy to engage with various international partners to keep abreast with current trends, innovations and thinking in our fields of expertise. At Pontins we subscribe to the ā€œFaraday Cageā€ Principle for our designs. Our Design Team has a combined experience of over 65 years and we are able to design effective earthing and lightning protection systems for the most sensitive facilities in the most demanding lightning areas in the world.


Our range of products has evolved over the past 48 years, we have also foirmed a strong partnership with DEHN South Africa as Distributors of DEHN Products.

We are therefore able to offer world class products that would afford the right solution for just about any application. Our range of products includes DEHN HVI Conductors which is on the cutting edge of lightning protection technologies anywhere in the world today.

We also offer a comprehensive range of anti-theft conductors for projects located in areas of high risk.

All products that we offer are tested in the laboratory to comply with the Codes of Practice and have under gone many years of field testing. Please refer to our Products Page to download our Product Catalogue.


With over 48 years of experience our installation procedures have evolved into highly effective, coordinated and productive team of over 50 employees.

Due to the fact that a large portion of the installation is either buried or cast into concrete our team of Managers and Quality Inspectors ensure that all materials and workmanship are of the highest quality.


Regular testing and visual inspections are fundamental to the reliable maintenance of any earthing or lightning protection system.

All tests are performed in accordance with the relevant Codes of Practice.

Our testing and maintenance teams have in depth knowledge of the various Codes of Practice and are qualified to certify installations or make recommendations for any improvements that may be required.


We are able to carry out Soil Resistivity Surveys using the ā€œWenner Methodā€ of sounding anywhere in the world.

Our Soil Resistivity Analysis is of the highest standard and we are able to offer the following supplementary analysis.

  • Soil Resistivity Appraisal
  • Ground Potential Rise (GPR) Simulation and Analysis
  • Step and Touch Potential Simulation and Analysis
  • Appraisal of layered soil conditions


The main and most effective measure for protection of structures against physical damage is considered to be the lightning protection system. A lightning protection system consists of both an external and an internal lightning protection system.


Pontins and DEHN + Sohne have developed a strong partnership which enable mutual benefit for both Companies.

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